Real SSD Chemicals Services Include Note Testing , this where our technicians test the intensity of the stain or anti breeze note for best possible solution, to clean up the stains with out damaging the note while bring it to its original quality. While some solution may work on their on some need to be enhanced through mixing and testing of different solutions, powders and pastes. Our Solutions have been renowned in the world over and will still hold their position as such for years to come.

Site testing where our technicians come to you and do the test it doesn’t matter where you are in the world we come through for our clients. Please note though that even though our technician are limited and it might take a while before we consider coming through to any client base.

We do Note testing that is test in our laboratory or at your space it is much cheaper for us to test at our premises than when we come to test at yours. Upon which we confirm the right quantity and solution, paste or powders required for the restoration of the black dollar or stained currency. When we clean the defaced currency you may test at a bank to see if its genuine.

Money back guarantee only when our solution makes no difference or does not clean your black dollar or bank stained note to your satisfaction, this can only be 85% money back on powders and 95% money back guarantee on pastes and oxides.
100% Money back guarantee on SSD Solution range that includes SSD Automatic Solution, SSD Supreme Solution, SSD Solution and our new SSD anti-freeze Restoration package.

We ensure safe package delivery, pre and post supply support and content delivery to any destination.
A more customized and flexibility from client to client.
We have Original currency Laboratory products and equipments used in cleaning all semi-processed currencies, like Anti-breeze bank notes and Defaced Bank Notes. See the list here

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